Berlin crafters welcome at Ragù and first weekly Roundup

1. Whats on, Berlin? // New knitting café: Ragù

As much as I enjoy the quiet peacefulness when it’s only me and my crochet, sometimes I’d rather be in company. You know, if you’re not surrounded by people sharing your passion for crafting, having a good chat about crocheting with another crafter can really make your day.

Ragù at Lübbener Straße

If you ever felt like this and live in or visit Berlin, you have to make a stop at Ragù, which has opened its doors only a few days ago. Located between Skalitzer Straße and Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg, the brand new café is run by the knitting and crochet designers Marc and Andy. Bring your yarn, needles and hooks or even your weaving loom. Ask questions and enjoy the beautiful interieur. Shop talk. And don’t forget to bring your non-knitting friends, they can make use of wifi or drink your (very good) coffee before it’s getting cold – as you will be (finally!)  discussing the pro’s and con’s of Mohair with likeminded people – in english, german or italian!150772_797043693708018_8095043474108510240_n




Go check it out!

Ragù, Lübbener Straße 23, Berlin-Kreuzberg. 7am-8pm.

2. What’s on my hooks?

I’m so much in love with my tunisian plaid shawl, that I just had to start another one. Still using Baa Ram Ewe’s Titus, but this time I’m working with different colorways. On first sight, it might seem odd to combine a brown shade with blue, but you’ll see later that it will match so beautifully with a nice pair of jeans! By the way, I’m working on the pattern right now as well, so stay tuned!

Tunisian Simple Stitch

Although it is still very cold here in Berlin, we are all looking forward for spring to finally take over. So the other day I went to the yarn store and bought that awesome Ito cotton yarn. By the way, have you ever noticed that awkward behaviour  of many yarn sales persons when you reveal to be a crocheter? Most often you get THAT LOOK that says “Why are you here? Why don’t you just go to Karstadt and buy some Catania?”. Sometimes I don’t even tell that I’m a crocheter, to not feel like a total weirdo. Apparently many knitters don’t bring crocheting and fine yarns together at all, they just don’t take crochet seriously. (For a better reputation, shop talk about tunisian entrelac as if it were the most common technique ever).Cotton yarn

However, at the moment I’m working out how to handle this very special cotton yarn, and how to bring its beauty out best in crochet. I love it, but at the same time working with it is kind of a pain in the ass.

3. Whats on my mind?

Apparently I change languages as I change colors! But after having another look at my stats, as a matter of fact more than half of you visitors come from english or other speaking countries, so I had to react on this. Unfortunately, my urge to translate everything from german to english had a negative effect on my blogging, and in consequence I’ll have to dig my best school english up and for now give up the german. It’s just a pity that you never feel as comfortable in a foreign language as in your own.

That’s ist for this week, have a beautiful weekend and don’t forget to got Ragù!

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  1. Ragù klingt nach dem perfekten Ort für mich! Leider lebe ich nicht mehr in Berlin und bin viel zu selten dort, aber vielleicht ändert sich das ja irgendwann wieder (*fingers crossed*)!
    Viele Grüße

  2. kitchenerstories

    Ragù sieht nach dem perfekten Café für mich aus! Leider lebe ich nicht mehr in Berlin und bin viel zu selten dort, aber vielleicht ziehe ich ja irgendwann wieder zurück…hoffentlich!
    Viele Grüße

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