September Project: 30 days of blogging #1

Yesterday I wrote a few words about changes. One of the major changes I’ve always wanted to achieve but never did, was blogging on a more regular basis.  That makes me sad because I used to love writing. It was never a problem of ideas, because from that point of view I could have blogged nearly everday. Neither was it a matter of time  – I think that was just a welcome excuse for procrastinating.

In the past I’ve read a lot about how to increase your writing skills and how to rise your blogging frequency like for example the 750 words project. But honestly – 750 words everyday? And then fill that up with some high quality, well chosen pictures ? No way. But willing to change something and to establish some new habits, I just invented my own blogging project and set my own rules:

For the next 30 days, from today  to october 2nd, I’ll blog every single day. I don’t set rules about how many words to write or how many pictures to add. The only 2 rules are :

  1. No text without pictures
  2. No pictures without text.

That can be one picture or a three-word-description or a 500 words text. I just consider it a good practice to get into a regular blogging habit for the long term.

And as this is still a crafter’s blog here, I’ll finish this post with the surprise of the day: I grabbed my knitting needles and started knitting again! In the past, I’ve made several attempts to like knitting, but I never finished a project and found myself not very talented in knitting. Yesterday evening though, my  left wrist hurt a little bit and I  thought it would be a good idea to keep it busy with a more uncommon movement. So I picked some yarn and the needles and got started with a very simple garter stitch triangle shawl.  What can I say? It worked –  and it was actually fun.

White knitting 2

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