30 days of blogging: Taking pictures (Day #2)

Quite often I do shootings with myself as the model, and that can get tricky as most often I am the photographer as well! I used to work with a Tripod and a self timer, which meant that for every picture I had to stay in a position for about 5 -10 seconds until the camera would trigger.  And try to tell an autofocus to focus on the accessoire instead of the face!

Finally, a few weeks ago I invested in a new camera. I chose the Sony alpha 6000 and it has been my favorite toy eversince, which -I swear- has nothing to do with german soccer star Manuel Neuer being the product ambassador and the face of the advertisement. The great thing with this camera is that i can use my smartphone as the remote release, and I can even manipulate the exposure settings via smartphone. That is so cool and it helps me so much with the product shooting. The other day I tried this for the first time. Apart from being a rather uncommon model with me being 6 months pregnant, the only thing that I have to manage somehow is how to hide a huge remote release. You know, my smartphone is a Galaxy Note which means it is about 15 cm long. Quite a challenge it was, and I have to admit that some pictures didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. I mean, what is this about? Me? The crochetwear? The phone?!


And p.s: I’m working on the face expression, I promise!




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