30 days of blogging: Day #3

It’s friday and the weekend is right in front of us. Which would be great, if I didn’t have so much work left! The shop isn’t installed yet and I’m still torn back and forth between doing my own thing with Bigcartel or supr.com, or opening a shop on Etsy.  And when I will finally have the pictures taken and when I will have made the basic decision about what kind of store I want  I still won’t have written one  single article description, nor terms & conditions, nor my shop profile…..and I don’t even mention the to do’s on my business as usual – list.

But I don’t want to complain all the time. Because on the other hand, I managed to write 4 blogposts in a row, and also my current beginner knitting project is making some progress. I even think that this simple top down shawl will be the first knitting project ever that i will actually finish!

white triangle shawl knitting progress


I’ve had to deal with some mistakes already, some of which I could identify and some I couldn’t.For example I dropped a stitch and managed to pick it up with a crochet hook. Yeah! Then I found several weird things that I just ignored and continued knitting. And then I did this awkward mistake the row before and I successfully knitted all the way back without getting crazy! Well, to be honest i crossed all the stitches on my way back to the mistake and when I got there the mistake was miraculously gone – but hey, I did not give up!

And now that I got that far – do you think I should switch to a longer cable now?

Want your own #30daysofblogging ?

To finish day #3 of  #30daysofblogging, I wanted to invite all of you to join me on this challenge. If you’d like to prove yourself in posting 30 days in a row, or just want to  improve your blogging habits with this project, start your #30daysofblogging today ! Everyone is free to set her own rules, the only rules I set for myself is : no picture without text, and not text without a picture. There are no restrictions to the length of the posts. Have fun, and let me know if you’re joining!


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