30 days of blogging: Day #5

Good news! Carina, the Häkelmonster, is joining me in the #30daysofblogging challenge on her germanspeaking blog. Carina, I’m happy to have companion in this  now and  wish you a lot of staying power and fun during your project and I’m very much looking forward to read your daily output!

Otherwise, I recently got alerted that some of my older project of this year and last year never made it to be written down. For example, I remember having vaguely announced to patternize a standard crochet triangle scarf on Instagram, but every attempt to write the pattern down failed hitherto.  I think I have to change the colors (which means I’ll have to crochet it again), and from the technical aspect I have to make some things  make more comprehensible and easier to follow for you.

Crochet triangle scarf - Dreieckstuch gehäkelt

And it is more or less the same with this tunisian triangle scarf: I love it and I love the color combo, but for a good pattern I still have to solve 2-3 issues, an probably I’ll have to crochet it again, too.

Tunisian crochet Triangle Shawl

I hope that posting this will build up enough pressure on me to work on both patterns very soon.


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