30 days of blogging: Day #6

This morning I worked on the tunisian crochet pattern I mentioned yesterday. It isn’t as tricky as I remembered and I don’t really understand why I feared this pattern so much. The only thing is that I will have to crochet it a second time, because I want to see how large it will become if worked in fingering weight (the prototype was crocheted in Lace/Light fingering).

I went through my stash again and again, but for the longest time it seemed that I didn’t find the right 3 skeins for the project. Now I have searched out at tleast two, so I will have to add a third color later. This is just a fast snap of the colors, done with my smarthpone:

snap of project yarn


I’ll wind it tonight, but I’d like to finish my knitted shawl firstbefore I get started with the next project. Ignoring all the visible mistakes made so far, I’m making good progress on this!


However, it makes me happy that with a bit of good luck and good organisation, I could make it to release the tunisian shawl pattern still within the #30daysofblogging! I’ll do my best and see you tomorrow!


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