30 days of blogging: New hooks ! (day #7)

( This anthem is not a sponsored song of praise but only my own and honest opinion, written down by my very tired mind and hands)

For a long time I’ve been longing for a new tunisian hook set.  A few years ago, I bought the Denise Interchangeable  hook set for double-ended crochet and eversince they ‚ve been serving me well.  But when I stumbled upon the fancy addi click hook set, I could not resist. 8 beautiful hooks from 3.5-8mm in a nice black case, 6 of them in gold colored aluminum, and the two larger ones in transparent acryl with golden glitter! LOOOOOVE.  The aluminum makes the hooks very light and smooth, they just slide so easy through the stitches!

Addi click Häkelnadeln in schwarzem Case

The only drop of bitterness is that you have to buy all cords, extenders and end buttons extra. I mean, usually when I buy a „set“, I’d expect to have everything I need to get started right away with the set, right?  I find that a bit sad, and especially the end buttons are a bit overpriced (while I have to say that the hooks themselves are not expensive at all in my eyes). But all in all I couldn’t be happier with my new hooks. Functionality and very good processessing mixed with glitter and gold – what else could you want?

Right now I’m crocheting my first project with the new tunisian hooks, which is a second sample of the next tunisian pattern that I was talking about yesterday. Using the ultra-soft (and by the ecological = GOTS certified) fingering merino from Rosy green wool,  I have the best working time right now. Just so rewarding to work with good yarn – and good hooks!


Addi click hooks.jpeg

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  1. Dear Nicki, thanks you for that very nice review and the absolutely beautiful pictures of the hook set. I will post the link on our FB Site and recommend your page as well. Kindest regards from addi – Anna Selter

    • Nicki Hirsch

      Thank you Anna! I think knooking works a little different from tunisian crochet, but I didn’t know that the equipment is quite the same – I’ll check the knooking set out definitely! Kind regards, Nicki

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