Decreasing in Tunisian Crochet (30 days of blogging #10)

Wow, it’s day 10 of my blog challenge already. For all new readers: I recently decided to  write one blogpost a day for 30 days in a row to establish better writing habits. I have not set any rules to this except that I won’t post text without a single picture, and no picture without at least a short description.

However, after showing you the different methods of increasing in tunisian crochet yesterday, today it’s time for the 2 ways of decreasing. (If there are more to it please let me know!)

Every tunisian crochet row consists of a forward pass and a return pass, you probably know that already. In general, decreasing in tunisian crochet works the same as in standard crochet: You just work two stitches together.

A tunisian crochet decrease differs in two ways from a standard crochet decrease:

  1. it is much easier.
  2. you can decide whether to decrease on the forward- or on the return pass.

Decreasing on the forward pass

On the forward pass and in most stitches, decreasing looks like this or similar to this:

Decrease tunisian crochet 1

Insert hook under the next two stitches: under the next front bar and then insert the hook into the following stitch like you would do usually (e.g. as for a tss, as for tks.) Your hook goes through 2 stitches at the same time.

Please note: This doesn’t work for every stitch. E.g. for tunisian reverse stich, you would insert the hook on the back of the fabric through the next 2 stitches!

<a href="https://i1.wp check this link right here“>decrease forward pass

To complete the decrease, yarn over and pull up a loop through both bars.

Decrease on the return pass

increase return pass


Work the forward pass as usual. To decrease on the return pass, yarn over and draw through 3 loops on hook. 

You should have worked two stitches together now and decreased one.

Actually, I do not like the decrease on the return pass very much. It happens to me quite often, that I forget about the decrease at all, or at least I overlook a decrease already made on the following forward pass. It is quite easy to overlook  this kind of decrease and to „correct“ it accidently.

This happens when on the next forward pass you pull up a loop in each of the two bars of the stitches that you had worked together before. In the next picture you see such an accidently corrected decrease.Decrease return pass next forward pass

In the worst case you won’t even noticed that you have negated your decrease! So whenever possible, I decrease on the forward pass!

Do you have any questions or remarks? Keep in touch in the comments!


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