30 days of blogging #12

This is another short post during my challenge. I don’t want to cheat, I’m just incredibly tired after a very intense weekend with the kid that we spent outdoor most of the day. She was on the bike but me and my 23weeks-babybump accompanied her by foot. You can imagine that in the evening I feel like crocheting a lot but not so much like anything else anymore ☺
At least I can show you progress in the testcrochet of the next tunisian pattern! (See pic above).
Have a good night!

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  1. So very tired – even your fingers. However, it made me smile to see those tumbling letters.
    I hope you got to sleep in this morning 🙂 Carina.

    • Nicki Hirsch

      Haha, thank you for your kind and subtle notice Carina:-) I corrected the mistakes I’ve found – I posted the text on my smartphone, and this in addition to me being so awfully tired obviously lead to a text that looked like pure spam!

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