Starting over the testcrochet (30 days of blogging #18)

Wow, it’s day 17 of the blog challenge already! So far I’ve only made one single break (and even on that day  I posted a pic and a sentence), so I’m doing quite ok. Some days it’s quite tough – when I’m busy all day and don’t make it to blog until the night for example. When I’m so tired I’m just not very creative anymore, and even if I have already a subject to write about – sometimes the right words just don’t come out of my mind so easily. Still it’s a good practice to write a little bit every day and to take some pics of every yarn  everything that surrounds me on a daily basis. And it is much fun when I can come up with some good content.

And what was up today? As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I finished the test crochet for the next tunisian crochet pattern, but I really do not like it.

abandoned testcrochet

Not that it has many mistakes or is obviously ugly, no. But first of all, I should have gone half a number or a whole one up with my hook. I used the softest and squishiest ecological fingering merino, which would have been just the perfect yarn for any other crochet piece. But it did not work out in this pattern. As I said, the scarf reminds me of an 80s kids skiing class – and I know what I am talking about, because as a child I used to attend one. The colors, the texture, the haptics – everything seems to be close miss  and it doesn’t represent me and my style at all.


So what I am going to do now is starting all over – Color combo.jpegwith different yarn (the one I used in the protoype) and different colors.  And I have a good feeling about this.

This time, it will turn out just fine.


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