Sunday pictures (30 days of blogging #19)

Today we visited the “ Positions  Berlin Art fair„. I didn’t see many textiles, (though textures of different kinds and materials showed up quite often). The artwork that impressed me the most was Claudia Kallscheuer’s tea bag diary, a  collection of 367 organza tea bags on which she wrote a short note of the day by sewing/stitching on them pop over to these guys.

I found these quite impressive and I’ll definitely have to take another look at her work.

Kallscheuer tea bags.jpeg

Claudia Kallscheuer „12 Monate – work in progress“

And then there was this little friend here, unfortunately I forgot to take a note of who the artist and what the artworks title were.


And last but not least, there was my beaded cotton shawlette, perfectly putting my remarkably grown baby bump in scene  😉

beaded cotton shawlette.jpeg

That was my sunday, now have a good night you all!

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  1. „12 months – work in progress“ is AWESOME! I would have LOVED to see that! Can you imagine writing weather reports on used silk organza tea bags?! Tiny letters, written not with a pen but with a sewing machine … Thanks for sharing – that’s brilliant!

    • Nicki Hirsch

      Yes, I was equally stunned. During my years of literature studies I’ve always been especially interested in diary writing, work of progress and note-taking in general. This put together with this extraordinary textile context… extremely interesting!

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