Listen to the crochet instructor in you

Now that I‘ ve started over on the new tunisian triangle shawl, I feel so much better! The yarn, the colors, the texture. cialis non prescription. everything feels right and now I’m so looking forward to finish the test item and release the pattern!  Fails like these just show me what a tricky thing creativity is, and I’ve realised, how much yarn and pattern build (or should build) a symbiosis in the crocheted item. Ignoring my inner voice screaming „STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO FOR A LARGER HOOK“ and just continuing to crochet too tight while perfectly knowing it better – it was stupid and I had to pay for it 😀

By the way, the same thing (=unpicking and starting from scratch) happened to me back when I was crocheting my first sweater and thought I could skip gauging…. Some always have to learn it the hard way!

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