Favorite Color Schemes: Brown and Blue

Consciously or unconconsciously: When the temperatures fall, when the sun seems to shine less white and more golden, and when the leaves suddenly change their colors and start falling, many of us remember the beauty of natural colors. And out of the blue, one day in september, that brown shawl in the back of your closet suddenly attracts your attention again (after a long year of absolute negligence). Today was my day of „seasonal wardrobe change“. I just grasped my Madelinetosh shawlette in „glazed pecan“.

Crochet triangle shawl

And it actually made me very happy to welcome fall. You know, I have that secret love for this special color combination, which seems to be the perfect fall color combo (and actually seems to work only in fall): Blue and brown. In Germany there is a saying : „Braun zu Blau, trägt die Sau“, which is a rhyme and it says that only pigs wear blue and brown together, so  you’ll have a bad taste if you do. When I was young  I’ve often been told that I would have absolutely no eye for colors  and so I followed the „no brown to blue“ rule for years.


Thinking of jeans, blue canvas and a nice cinnamon colored accessoire –  my heart just leaps. This blue and brown clutch has been my favorite self-made one for years, it’s the perfect streetwear accessoire with jeans but works equally well with your evening dress. (And imagine wearing cognac-colored boots to it )

blue cinnamon clutch

Brown and blue ist just so classy and versatile, isn’t it?! So when Baa Ram Ewe released  a wonderful marine blue of their „Titus“-yarn, I just had to work another tunisian plaid shawl with it (you can get the pattern for it here). And what would be a better combination than adding some nicely saturated brown!

tunisian plaid shawl in blue and brown

I can’t wait to wear it! I love fall – for making me love blue and brown! And what about you? Do you have some color faible that most people regard as awkward?

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  1. „Grün und Blau trägt die Sau“ is what I was taught at home. Funny 🙂
    I love your color choices. Blue and brown are perfect together. Brown – turquois – orange is one of my all time favorites.

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