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How to make the Tunisian Crochet Market Bag| free pattern

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Wooow, I was really blown away from the feedback on Instagram  that I got for the tunisian crochet market bag the other day! Thank you, that was so motivating! And wasn’t it time for a nice and solid tunisian crochet mesh bag? I adore the beautiful bags the community creates every summer, but a tunisian crochet market bag was still missing ( sorry, did I miss one?) ! Of course, crochet isn’t some instant magic and it took me a while to figure the pattern out.  I mean, sure  I wanted the bag to look like a classic market bag!  But I wanted it to be recognizable as tunisian crochet, too.

Crochet a Market Bag

Making a nice tunisian crochet mesh

Another issue I was confronted with:  the tunisian double crochet (tdc) doesn’t look neat and durable enough when strained, it gets loosely and ugly. But in a market bag, where you put fruits and vegetables in, the fabric gets  strained and pulled down a lot! What could I do? Luckily it occurred to me that post stitches might be possible to work also in tunisian crochet.  Voilà, the next issue was solved! Just then I noticed that if you work all stitches in front posts or back posts only, the return pass stands out at the back really weird! Oh no! So many issues for a simple market bag!

At the end the solution was easy and made the bag really special. Just alternating back and front post stitches gives a neat structure and adds a beautiful woven appearance to the texture! I’m so happy that I found a stylish and sustainable alternative to the plastic bags they offer at the supermarket!

Do you know I created my first youtube video for this pattern? So before we begin with the pattern:

Klick the picture below to learn how to work the Tunisian Crochet Mesh stitch!


Ok, so you’ve learnt the stitch and now you really want to crochet the bag? Ok, let’s go!


Close up of the tunisian crochet market bag

Instructions for tunisian crochet market bag


You’ll need

  • 100g of Aran Cotton in the colour of choice (here: We are Knitters „The Cotton“ in Mint)
  • Tunisian Crochet Hook 5.5 mm (US I/9)
  • scissors
  • wool needle


1. Ch 48.

2. Work tunisian foundation row.

3. Work trs in every stitch, work last stitch .

4- 8. Repeat row 3 five times.

9. Work tunisian finishing row as for trs.

Finish off, join yarn at the right top.

Body of market bag

1. Ch 1, 15 x (yarn over [=yo] twice, sk next 2 sts, work tdc in next st [ >>remember the tdc nees another yo!!!] ), yo twice, sk next 2 sts, work last st as for tdc.

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2. Ch 1, 7x (yo twice, sk next 2 sts, front post tdc in next st, yo twice, sk next 2 sts, back post tdc in next st), yo twice , sk next 2 sts, front post tdc in next st, yo twice, work last st as for tdc.

3. Ch 1, 7 x (yo twice, sk next 2 sts, back post tdc in next st, yo twice, sk next 2 sts, front post tdc in next st), yo twice, sk next 2 sts, back post tdc in next st, yo twice, work last st as for tdc.

4. – 37 : Repeat rows 11 and 12 for 17 times.

This is how the mesh should look like. Note how the alternating post stitches create the woven effect of the fabric.


1: Pull up loop from every st and every ch and leave on hook like you would do in a foundation row.

2. – 7: Work trs throughout.

8. Work finishing row as for trs.

Finish off.


1. Skip first 5 sts of row just finished and join yarn on next st. Work foundation fow for 9 sts, work standard return pass.

2. Decr 1, work 3 trs, decr 1 , last stitch.

3. Work trs troughout and last stitch.

4. decr 1 . work trs, decr 1, last stitch.

5. – 29: Work trs and last stitch.

30. Incr 1, work trs, incr, last stitch.

31. Work trs throughout.

32. Incr 1, work 3 trs, incr, last stich.

33. Work trs throughout.

34. Work finishing row.

Finish off .

35. Skip last 5 sts of main piece finishing row and join handle from edge to center.

Finish off.

Turn piece upside down and repeat steps 1-35, working sts in beginning ch of main piece.

Finally, fold bag in half, wrong side on wrong side and handle on handle and join the side edges carefully from fold to upper corners using mattress stitch.

Block the bag gently for best result.

And that’s it!

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Crochet a market bag

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