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How to crochet a placemat – rag style!

Aren’t spontaneous projects the best? And when it comes to summer, I always jump on the home decor waggon, crocheting small things in cotton rather than jumpers in wool, definitely is a summer thing. So, the other day an idea popped up and I didn’t hesitate to crochet a placemat in no time.

Isn’t it great what awesome things you can crochet last minute actually? So the obvious advantages of this placemat is that you can do it fast – make 2 of them and  they make a wonderful present.  Also, the way it is crocheted –  you have the opportunity to make your individual design literally in every row. I went for a black and white design, but why not crochet a placemat totally colourful with scrap yarns? The options are endless. And before you start daydreaming about the perfect colour combo, lets get started!

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how to crochet a placemat


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2 balls of aran weight cotton yarn in 2 colourways, (50g each) – I used 

crochet hook 4.5 mm (US 7)


The placemat is crocheted sideways.

This pattern asks for your creativity. As mental basis I imagined a stripe pattern of 3 rows per colour. To create the beautiful irregularities, I spontaneously changed the place where to make the colour change each time. So I changed colour somewhere between the 1st and the 4th row, most often in row 2 or 3 , to make it not too wild. Also, some stripes are worked for the complete 3 rows. So you can individually place  your colour changes, just be careful to spread the colour changes over the whole width of the placemat. Making most colour changes on the left OR right, would look a little awkward.

How to invisibly change colours in crochet

Usually, you crochet the colour change like this:

Insert your hook in next stitch, pull up look, yo  with new colour and pull loop through.

But this actually doesn’t look so good, because you cannot hide the colour change this way. So there are possibilities to avoid this, and I’ll show you the way I change colours invisibly in crochet. Because I change colours before I even insert my hook in the next stitch!

Make slipknot with the new colour and put it on your hook, the pull through the working loop on your hook. Now pull the old working loop thight carefully until it is invisible and continue working your stitch with the new yarn.

How to crochet a placemat in rag style:

1 Chain 45 with Colour A.

2 Work sc across over 60 rows, changing colours irregulary as I described above.

Weave in all ends on the same side.

How to add fringes to crochet


The fringes are quite short. At best, cut your threads generously and trim the edge at the very end so all fringes end up to have the same length.

Start by cutting about 90 threads  of each of the 2 colours, more than double length as you want your fringes to be.

Start adding the fringes at the corner of one of the short sides.

Take 2 threads of the same color, pull them through the stitch with the crochet hook, so a loop forms in front of you. Now grab the thread’s end with the hook and pull tightly through the loop.

Repeat for every stitch, alternating colours each stitch. Then repeat for the other short edge of the placemat.


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