Tunisian Crochet designer Nicki Hirsch

About Nicki Hirsch

Welcome to the Tunisian Crochet Crew!

I’m Nicoletta, the Tunisian Crochet fanatic and designer behind my label Nicki Hirsch and my same-named blog! I’ve been crocheting every day for over 6 years now, and be sure there is no end in sight! I just love inventing stylish crafty things and I can’t stop coming up with new urban  tunisian crochet designs!

People know I have a not so secret passion for tunisian crochet, which is an awesome technique if you like unique color plays and structures that you can’t achieve neither with knitting nor standard crochet. Tunisian Crochet is definitely a rising star among the handcrafting techniques, but still it’s not as famous as it deserves to be. That’s why I decided to fully concentrate on spreading the word about the beauty of Tunisian Crochet with this blog. With free patterns, tutorials and inspiration I invite to the world of Tunisian Crochet – and to become part of the happy global Tunisian Crochet Gang!

In 2017, I published my first crochet book in german language:Happy living: Häkeln fürs Zuhause It is very stylish and the perfect present for every crochet lover (capable of the german language 🙂  And if you know my Instagram account @nicki_hirsch, you might have already watched me being a video trainer at Makerist or your heard of  my huge video collaboration with Dawanda and Schachenmayr. Last but not least, 2 of my favorite tunisian crochet designs made it into Koel Magazine Issue 4  !

If you have a question or you want to collaborate, please contact me via info[at]nickihirsch.com

Please do not send any samples or products without prior asking, thanks.