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3 different friendship bracelets in Tunisian Crochet

Die deutschsprachige Anleitung findest Du hier Inspiration is everywhere and sometimes it even hits you in the subway or  at other crazy locations – but to be honest, the idea to crochet friendship bracelets evolved during a  Pinterest -session.  No worries – no copycat here! I promise: I haven’t seen tunisian crocheted friendship bracelets elsewhere from here yet. Which is surprising, because I don’t know a needlework except the classic knotting (do you say so?)  ...

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Crochet, free patterns

Free pattern: Boho Crochet necklace

Die deutschsprachige Anleitung findest du hier. You know these extremely colorful boho style pictures on Instagram? I can’t get enough of the abundant colours and hyperbolic patterns, though personally my style is much cleaner and more minimalistic. Still I’ve wished to create something that fits into boho style so often, but until now I didn’t know how to implement the style into my creative world and not loosing my authenticity completely 😀 . You know, a cobbler should  ...

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